Paperwork e-Accounting
Brand Identity Design

Paperwork e-Accounting Services LLP, are…

an Ahmedabad (Gujarat, India) based accounts outsourcing and consulting company offering end-to-end bookkeeping services and specialized professional services. Established in 2012 by a Chartered Accountant, Paperwork has been serving entrepreneurs, start-ups, micro-small-and-medium businesses alike and akin to a virtual CFO assisting the management with effective financial administration.

Paperwork is a fun and young brand that has vibes of enthusiasm. I was having the challenge to design a visual identity that will have the fun vibes and energetic outlook with keeping in mind that it is for finance management company.


After a few rounds of various identities and revising color palettes i came up with the concept of Paper Clip that has initial [P] of the brand name ‘Paperwork’. And finally, we were on the main part of the identity and that is selecting the color palette. After trying few flat colors i thought of gradients to make it more youthful and at the same time bit serious as well, And after a long process of detailed color palette workout we came up with the results and i must say it is totally satisfying to see this visual identity.


Proudly! Whenever i see this visual identity it feels fresh and young.

Loved working on identity applications for Paperwork.

Scope for the creativity was very broad in this project and i totally caught the opportunity to make it more and more powerful by being within the brand guideline

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